Friday, August 27, 2010

Bright N' Beautiful!

The last couple of weeks my eyes haven't been liking makeup so I usually only do one makeup look a day. Sadly I will probably be taking a couple weeks off but I thought I would post on a couple old pictures I never put up.

My Alien Green/Black eyes


This is probably one of my favorite looks, I can't get enough green! The products I used were MAC Painterly (all over the lid as base), Lime (on the lid), Bitter w/ Going Bananas on top (inner conner) and Carbon (outer corner).

I really wish I would have put black in the lower lashline but other all I am very happy.

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic weekend!



  1. ohhh la la so pretty you got some good skills :) im scared to use colors u pulled this off nice

  2. nice colour combo!
    it looks really good :)
    looking forward to more updates from you

  3. I love wearing green too. Its looks great! Nice job :)