Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sugarpill Neon Loose Eyeshadows

Hello Everyone!

This is an older look that I had a blast doing! This was using all of the Sugarpill ElektroCute Loose Eye shadows that are absolutely amazing.

I apologize that this picture is blurry. This was just to play with the eye shadows so there is a lack of foundation in parts.

If I'm remembering correctly, these would be the products I would have used :)

Lid - Sparkage Neon Pigment
Eye Inner Corner - Hi-Viz Neon Pigment
Crease - Love Buzz Neon Pigment
Crease Blender -Supercharged Neon Pigment
Winged Liner - Hellatronic Neon Pigment
Black Liner - Blacktrack Fluidline

Have a good night!

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